Spa 24 hours 1974

This is the works Capri of Fitzpatrick and Walkinshaw. Dennis Thorne and Patrick Leeson drove this Magnum; they would retire.
This can't be a Group 1 car, but it did start anyway - it retired.
On the left a Fiat 128 coupé which shouldn't be there according to my results; the entry list mentions a Datsun! The #43 Escort is the Coffey/Moores car which would finish 20th. The Rouse/Dron Dolomite which finished fifth and third in class.
A bunch of reserves (non-starters): Caufriez/Francken...
... "Clayes"/Vandresse...
... and Naveau/Sauvage.
Some 1300 cc cars together; the #81 Datsun (Stevens/Touchard), #76 Fiat (Meloni/Van Dijck) and #80, the Datsun of Chavan, Sonveau and Miroux. The #81 Datsun again.
One of the top entries: the works Capri II for Bourgoignie and Fontaine; it would retire.
Three pictures of the grid and a few more from the start. Large pictures this time, since it reveals quite some interesting cars, like the Renault 17TS and a few Datsun 120a coupés.
The impressive Mustang of Rubens/Delbar. Left a practice shot where they claimed pole; but as so often with American Iron, the car retired.
The yellow #2 Mustang, Koob/Kridel, retired as well. 
What a big one: the Chrysler Hemicuda, driven by Deprez and Bertinchamps. When Deprez went ill, Bertinchamps was left without a co-driver. He wanted to draft in Rubens instead, and all other competitors agreed. But the organisation refused, so Bertinchamps was forced to retire. He never drove again.
Feider/Detrin/Delcourt drove this BMW CSi, and finished 17th.

The eventual winner, Luigi BMW #12 leading the Audi 80 of Hecq, Landeloos and Laurent - they finished 21st.
The Luigi BMW of Xhenceval, Dieudonné and Peltier in the pits and on the track.
The sister car of Dieudonné, de Fierlant and Demol fared less well - they finished 10th.
 The Group 1 BMW of "Pedro" and Laurent. Opels: Tricot/Nève ahead of the DNRT Manta.
This is the #16 Commodore of Tricot and Nève which retired.
The Group 1 Commodore of Ravenel/Grué/Joosen finished 27th overall.
Another Group 1 Commodore (Wauters, Polak and Nève) - they finished eight.
The Commodore leading the Alfa of Lauria and Brunetti.
The Ford UK Capri II with Walkinshaw/Fitzpatrick was fast but retired.
The midly tuned Hermetite Capri I of Blackburn/Crabtree - it retired too.
The Ford Belgium Capri II with Bourgoignie and Fontaine retired as well. Zeccoli/Dona retired the Autodelta GTV.
Grey Autodelta Alfa Romeos: #31 Facetti/"Paco", retired; #32 Haxhe, Berger and Cazzago retired as well, while #33, Ballot-Lena and Béguin finished second.
Autodelta entry 34 (red!), Pezzali/Possumato/Stefanelli finished 11th overall.
A GTV of the Promoteam: "James" and "Steve", 13th overall.
Chamaillard and Byttebier shared this Promoteam car and finished sixth overall.
#40, another Alfa of the Promoteam; they finished 7th.
#40 in the pits.
Imbert and Serpaggi retired.
A nice Belgian BMW 2002; this one retired. Spa regular Coffey shared with "Paul Kelly" and finished 20th overall.
This is the Dutch Manta of the DNRT; it finished 12th. Hine/Grainal finished ninth in the Dolomite.
Dolomite #46 was driven by Hine and Grainal; they finished 9th overall.
The Dolomite of De Wael, Stalpaert and Handley on the left, the #40 Alfa Romeo on the right. Dupré/Soulard finished 29th in the Audi 80 GT.
This is the Audi 80 with Beziat and Charrier, 19th overall. And this is a German one; the Abt car of Abt, Nowak and Weber; a retirement.
Another Audi: the 80 GT of Hollebecq/Laurent, retirement.
Vandecaveye/van Kerkhoven brought the Renault 17 to second in class.
Holvoet and Engels retired this Celica GT.
Hecq, Landeloos and Laurent finished 21st overall and fourth in class.
Future winner J.M. Martin shared this Alfa 1600 with de Jamblinne; 22th at the finish.
Lauria/Brunetti retired the 1600 Junior Alfa. Simca Rallye 2: "Marco" and Delhaes retired.
Moll/Eichner retired this Fiat 128 coupé. Laffeauch, Zeppelini and Raulet brought this Datsun to 24st overall and second in class.
Gonay, Delvenne and Raulet again took the sister car to 28th overall. Gerckens/Szameit, 25th overall.
Laplume/Di Stefano 23rd overall and 1300 cc class winners. The podium.

Race result

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