Spa 1000 km 1974

Georg Loos brought his Carreras; the 53 car of Fitzpatrick and Barth finished fourth overall and first in GT.
The Kremer pits with the #40 and #41 car. But Loos won the GT section.
The prototype Porsche Carrera Turbo attracted a lot of attention.
The Haldi/Ballot-Léna Carrera; 4th in GT. The start from the rear.
The Martini Porsche was third overall, driven by Van Lennep/Müller.
Heyer/Keller, third in GT. Chenevière/Zbinden, 6th in GT, 9th overall.
In fact this is a sportscar, but we consider it as an early Group 5 car. This Ligier-Maserati was a non-starter after an accident. The Jolly Club BMW, still in its works livery, finished 8th overall with Finotto and Mohr.
The car leads both Kremer cars. This Luigi BMW finished tenth overall, with Xhenceval and Peltier.
The second Loos car (Neuhaus/Barth) finished 11th overall.
Michelin tires, pseudo-works livery: Aubriet and "Depnice".

Race result

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