Paasraces 1974

The start of the Group 1 race under 1300 cc; the midfield fighting it out here. Lammers took the lead.
Lammers ahead of Bökenkamp.
I suppose these are Krijnen (left) and Spoor, who is fighting oversteer.
Lammers drove a fine race, enjoying himself I guess.
Freek Hayes finds a new way around Gerlach.
I suspect these are the remains of Cees van Oosterom's car. 
The gird: Fred Frankenhout, Deen, Slotemaker, Boshuis (69) and Maasland.
Row 3: Coorengel, Fresco and Hugenholtz Jr.
Hugenholtz leading Fresco.
But the latter was involved in an accident with Post, who stranded just a little further.
Teammate Coorengel raced happily (vrolijk) to third in class.
The big Group 1 race: this is the trademark of Rob Slotemaker, who finished second.
The grid for the small Group 2 field; on pole Antonides' luckless Datsun, the TM Essen Fiat of Franz beside him. Outside row 2: #6 Kok. Two Datsun Cherries, Kok's Hillman and the Daf of Geeris.
Two DNF's: Koks (Datsun) and Laqueuille (Sunbeam). Kok, Bevan Imp.
Verzijlbergen in a decent Abarth TCR lapping Kramer's milder car. Dijkstra's beautiful Fiat coupé, which brought little joy over the years.
Van Oorschot in his immaculate Spiess NSU.
This is the last we saw from Siewertsen's Porsche - he damaged his oil cooler on the warmup lap...
Grid for the Big Bangers: De Vos (ex-Akerslot Capri, still with the original 1973 paint) on P2, van Zwam on P5. Right after the start: I guess van Oorschot, de Vos, Dijkstra and the rest.
Lap 2: Dijkstra still in front! Vermeulen's stand-in car fighting with van Zwam's Alfa Romeo GTAJ.
Frontrunners in the 1300 class: Dijkstra in the Fiat coupé (winner) and van Oorschot's immaculate NSU which retired. Akersloot took it easy and stayed in front of Berg's Escort.
In this order they would finish: Akersloot, Berg, de Vos.
Berg lapping van Oorschot's NSU.

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