300 km Nürburgring 1974

Heyer leads here, followed by Stenzel and Ertl.
Römer leads the midfield.
Schütz spun.
Ertl in the Apina BMW.
I guess this is Müller Sr going just a little wide.
Frank Gardner traveled all over Europe to race the Camaro. Unfortunately, he was a DNS.
Glemser had some troubles this weekend.
Betzler drove the beautiful Alpina 2002.
Keller in the Kremer Carrera, race winner. Harald Hinz, Capri RS - 9th in class.
Waltraud Odenthal raced an ex-works Capri, still in its original colors which wasn't to Fords' liking. She finished second in class.
Jörg Denzel won his class in the Matthes BMW 1602. Siekmann in his NSU leading a group. He finished fourth in class.
That's probably Volkert Merl disappearing from the picture, leading a Mini. Bischoff leading Denzel.
Peter Kuhlmann in the Faltz BMW 1602. The weather was bad. Tubbesing in the 1000 cc NSU. He finished second in class.
Horst Zimmer, Mini.
Wolfgang Sander, second in the 1150 class.

Race result

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