1974 200 Meilen von Nürnberg DRM

A stroll through the park for a start. This is Herbert Müller, with two thirds for Loos a good weekend for him.
Stommelen, Loos driver as well, finished a bit lower.
This is Tim Schenken, driving the third Loos Carrera; a fourth and retirement was his score.
John Fitzpatrick drove for Kremer, here talking to Sport Auto journalist Pugmeister.
Paul Keller drove this Kremer Carrera, usually under way in Belgium with Camel sponsorship.
The Max Moritz team; the Carrera of Stenzel and the 914/6 of Laub.
From Switzerland (like the chocolat): Haldi. This is the Faltz Alpina BMW of Schommers.
A guest drive for Vern Schuppan in the Gerstmann Capri.
This is the rear of Brandenberger's Carrera. Jörg Obermoser and his signature.
Must be practice: empty track with Fitzpatrick... ... and Stenzel.
Race day. Middle of the grid with Bertrams, Brandenberger and Schommers. Stuck leading Lauda.
Bell ahead of Bertrams. Hezemans with Lauda following.
Stommelen in the Carrera - it was a star entry here. Haldi with Fitzpatrick behind.
Division 2: Obermoser, GS BMW... ... and Ludwig, Zakspeed Escort.

Race result

1974 Pictures