Race of Champions 1974

Les Nash retired this Camaro.
Woodman behind the wheel of his Camaro; he would finish fifth on the road.
Stuart Graham won the race.
Lanfranchi finished second and won his class.
Thomas Hunt retired his Capri.
Holman Blackburn in his Hermetite Capri, result iunknown.
Hanson finished 6th on the road with the Commodore.
Walkinshaw had his Capri painted as a works car and finished third after disqualificarion of Hine.
Tony Shaw's Capri it seems but he does not figure in my results. A DNS?
Bevan, McGovern and the Passat wasn't a marriage made in heaven.
John Lyon and his Alfa; probably a DNF.
Jenny Birrell and her Simca; result unknown.

Race result

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