Zolder EEG Trophy

This race, which would be the start of a classic, mainly had Belgian entries - but some fine ones from abroad too. This is Vernaeve and his Mini, 4th in the under-1300 race. And this is the winner of that race: the BDA 1300 cc Escort of Peter Hanson.
This is another Mini, driver unknown. In the back a Renault Gordini. This should be Redeker, 5th in the race.
Another Renault R8 Gordini - the 60's GTI. The unique (by now - its British twin brother was reduced to pieces) Broadspeed Capri of Bourgoignie. He won the race.
Third overall was this luigi BMW CSL of Jean Xhenceval.
This looks like a Group 1B Commodore (Roger Berndtson); I guess that this was a forerunner of the "Francorchamps" ruleset of 1974. My pal Paul says this is Cancian, my guess was Hegels - it is a 2800 CS BMW heavyweight, and Paul is right.
Fritzinger finished second. According to Paul, this is Dex' Escort BDA - he had a 1300 Escort as well here.
Yvette Fontaine and her BDA Escort; she finished fifth overall and won Division 2. The car seems a bit soft in the suspension department.

Paul thinks this is Hegels, but since he figures in the results with a 2800 CS - while this is a CSL allright - I'd put my money on Ogrodowczyk, who finished fourth. Yvette leading yet another Faltz BMW coupé! It seems to differ from the other two, so is this Hegels after all?

Race result

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