Zandvoort Trophy 1973

First some paddock and practice shots. This is the Spanish Gerstmann-Capri, with full 1973 bodywork. The Tibor BMW 1602 chased by a bigger brother.
The Stuck-Amon BMW coupé; the holed front spoiler trying to keep temperatures of the left front tire as low as possible. Its engine? No, it's not a works engine I have been told - this is an Alpina slide injection.
The #9 BMW of Quester and Hezemans, both with an impressive past at Zandvoort. Hezemans thinking of another trick?
The BMW coupé of Swiss Brun and Cocher.
Before the start: Muir in the Alpina BMW... ... Facetti in the Alfetta Berlina
The old GTAm was still around. The start: BMW ahead.
The Schnitzer car has a good start as well and tries the inside of the Capris.
Leading division 2: the yellow Zakspeed Escort.
The 16-valve Alfetta sould have been the future - but it was not to be. Look at the small wheels, even to 1973 standards. Brun/Cocher lapping the Alfa Germany car of Bertrams and Hessel.
Some guesswork here: I suspect the Broadspeed Escort in front is the Hanson & Hanson car; next the DNRT Commodore of Frankenhout, then (probably) the Muir/Hunt BMW and finally the Fritzinger/Akersloot Capri. The Zakspeed Escort of Heyer/Mohr, class winners and sixth overall.
Zakowski himself watches the pit stop.
The old GTAm hits the track again.
Spectacular driving from Mesia/Ruiz Gimenez in the Gerstmann Capri.
The Fritzinger Capri (4th overall) lapped by the Fitzpatrick/Larrousse works car (above). Left the same car in front of the Koepchen 2002 of Kelleners/Menzel which finished second in class. In the background one of the ONS cars which were hired after the Williamson drama of the Grand Prix.
For a long time, the race looked like this: a huge fight between Ford and BMW.
And the Schnitzer car could keep up to - in fact, it might have won the race if it had not run into tire troubles. The Zakspeed car passing the Belgian Gulf Commodore.
The #29 Broadspeed car again, on the right followed by the Schnitzer BMW and one of the works Capris.
Brun/Cocher would finish fifth. The #23 Alfa Romeo would finish 9th, the Toyota retired.
Kelleners/Menzel finished 7th. Either Fitzpatrick or Larrousse is the author of this artistic style at Panorama corner.

Hezemans and Quester won the race.

Race result

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