Spa 24 hours 1973

The Ford pits before the race.  
A beauty, 1973-style bodywork: the Ruiz Gimenez/Mesia Capri. The Luigi/Marabout BMW.
A neat Alpina car for Brun/Cocher.  
The Jägermeister car, awaiting a tragic race. Behind the pits: Capri #1 with Jochen Mass on the right.
Gaye/de Fierlant and the Precision Liegeoise BMW.  
The Larini/Facetti Alfa, another tragic entry.  
Another Autodelta car, Dini/Dona. De Uriarte/Barrios/Zapico, Escort RS
Rows 1-3 of the grid.
Row 3. Row 4.
Row 5. Row 6 and 7.
The start will be any minute now.
The start of the race. Apart from the usual BMW's and Capris, I suspect a Camaro and the Hemicuda to be visible. A Capri climbing.
The Hemicuda leading a Renault 12 Gordini. This is the Ruiz Gimenez/Mesia Capri. It did not finish.
Hezemans negotiating La Source hairpin...  Joisten driving his last race.
Joisten here being followed by Dubos - who would die in the very same crash.
The second Alpina car was withdrawn after the accident.
This Opel Commodore of Vermeulen/Frankenhout retired because of the accident too. ... as is one of the Camaro drivers.
This Spanish Escort did not finish.
Night at Spa.  
Pit action for Feider/Haid.
Spa regulars Coffey and his TwinCam retired.
The Golf GTI of my youth: a Renault 12 Gordini, driven by Chavan/Naveau. They retired.
The Simca Rally 2 of Marquet/Vanderheyden in action.
Two non-finishers.  
This Group 1 BMW CSi (Lacroix/Sonveau) retired.
Pits: Tricot/Haxhe.
Two non-finishers: the Alfa GTAm (Paco/Dini) was understandably withdrawn, the Commodore retired with a blown head gasket (De St.Hubert/De Dryver)
Toussaint/Noé were withdrawn as well with their Autodelta Group 1 car.
Grano/Pooky were withdrawn too. Ballot-Léna and Lagniez were involved in the Joisten/Dubos accident and retired too.
Francois Haid behind the wheel at La Source; the BMW would retire.
Another 2002 at La Source: Raus/Detrin, another retirement.
Yes, and there was rain too.  
Pits: Joosen/Stalpaert. Swiss Toyota following an Alfa Romeo.
Fontaine/Lubin, Escort RS, retirement. Brun/Cocher, CSL BMW, retirement.
Stuck/Amon, works BMW, retirement. The eventual winner in the pits.
Mass/Fitzpatrick with a little damage. The Larini/Facetti Alfa on its way to disaster.
It's the Hemicuda again... ... it finished the race in 27th position.
25th overall, the Lepri/"Willer" was far from a class victory. Still, the little Fiat finished.

No, neither Willer nor Lepri had to pit to play some piano; it is just Italian for "steady"!
Thorne/Blackburn, group 1 Vauxhall, 23rd at the finish. Guitteny/Soulard, 18th.
Mandron/Gillessen finished 15th overall.
An excelent 12th overall for the still unique Audi 100S coupé of Dupré/Boucher.
11th overall, the Camaro of Crabtree/Buncombe/Sanger.
Impressive 2-liter victory for a 1600 cc car: the Toyota of Andersson/Kottulinsky. 8th: group 1 Capri, kart ace Goldstein and Dewael at the wheel.
6th: Vermeulen/Hingst/Frankenhout. Fifth overall: Wauters/Polak.
4th: Laurent/"Pedro" A fine third overall for the group 1 Commodore of Tricot/Haxhe.
Ford had to be content with second, this time. The winning car of Hezemans/Quester.
Despite all dramas, most teams tried for a team finish: here is the Dutch DNRT team, with the Manta of Loek Vermeulen/Mattijssen left and the battered Commodore of Jim Vermeulen and Hingst on the right.
Two R12 Gordinis at the line, they finished 24th and 26th.
The "Simca Racing Team" finished 20th, 21st and 22nd. Well done!

Race result

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