Silverstone TT 1973

Many pictures on this page are courtesy of Robert Clayson; check out his website for much more!
A pretty useless car for this race; the Vauxhall Firenza of Andrew Thorpe which was just over 2000 cc - and competing with CSL and Capri. The car did not qualify.
Bevan's Imp was there, of course.
Melvyn Adams would retire this Imp...
... just like Nick May would.
An unusual car: the Datsun Sunny, which would race in Holland from 1974 onwards.
At first sight this looks like an Escort RS 1600; but it isn't; it is the 1300 BDA of Peter Hanson, one of the few 16-valve 1300 Escorts in Britain, sometimes referred to as "RS 1300". The fruits of homologation...
An entry not very popular with certain German press ("a running chicane"): the Opel Manta of Heine and de Vries. As often, they soldiered on to 10th overall. And the car - it would have looked great with a little attention to detail and a nice colour scheme...
Alfa Romeo turned up with the good old GTAm's, three of them.
Since the British Broadspeed Capri was destroyed at the British GP meeting, the Belgian sister car of Bourgoignie was brought in, its BP decals replaced with Shell logos in a funny sort of way. No sign of Lindrick Finance. Did I already mention it? Take a look at Robert Clayson's site: Robert Clayson Photographic
The 1602 BMW of Tibor and Hegels. Gardner's mighty Chevrolet.
Hezemans arriving in style. Brian Muir checking the bill of yet another repair to his Alpina BMW?
The Ford factory team, with three cars. On the right it would be Mass, Fitzpatrick, Glemser and team director Kranefuss (with cap). Below two basically identical cars - but what a beauties...
Apart from the works team, BMW always had their privateer squad. They would win this race, actually.
The rear of one of the works cars.
Two works BMW's - just enjoy the sight.
Two Alpina BMW's: on the left the private Cocher car, on the right the Ertl/Bell car which would win the race.
This is the Müller/Ogrodowcyk coupé.
The Leech Mustang. Nick May's Escort.
On the way to the grid: Hanson... ... and the Manta and an Alfa.
The grid.
And here we go! Rouse fighting with Muir and another Capri.
The Imp of McGovern finished 11th overall. This is Les Nash, 15th.
The Datsun finished ninth overall, the Escort following may be Barrios. The Broadspeed Capri was a little damaged in the race (it just wasn't a Broadspeed year!).
The Capris had a difficult time in Silverstone. In the end, Mass was second... ... but Glemser and Fitzpatrick (here) did not finish.
Hezemans finished in fourth place in heat one, but then it was over. Star of the race was the orange Alpina BMW of Ertl and Bell, winning both heats.
A pit stop for Gardner's Camaro.
A Capri-BMW battle.
Alpina sandwitched the Capri with a first and a third. A great race for them.
The fourth and final Alpina CSL was the Ogrodowczyk/Müller car, which retired; here leading the Sanger Camaro, 13th. Heine/de Vries in a battle with "Paco".
The small division was won by de Uriarte and Le Guellec, a great 4th overall. A 1600 cc BMW here, driven by Tibor and Hegels.
And Alfa Romeo? The GTAm's were unable to catch the modern competitors. Only Facetti was able to finish in the top-six.

Bourgoignie wouldn't been happy if he saw his car like this...

Race result

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