ADAC Ruhrtal Pokal Rennen Zolder 1973

This BMW probably did not make the start.
Jürgen Fiand probably did not start either.
Gert Scheller raced this Imp to second in class.
Udo Lohmann seems to be another non-starter.
Don't drink and drive: Kästner and his NSU TT. He finished third in class.
Haberland won the class.
Dahmen won his class in race 8.
I guess this is Bertrams, it seems the same car as he would drive in the Nürburgring 6-hour race. He won Division 1.
Tubbessing: second in Division 1.
Heit finished fifth in division 2.
Leibold finished second in class.
Kloft won Division 3, and probably won outright too.
Joisten finished second in Division 3.

Race result

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