GP der Tourenwagen 1973

Fritzinger's Capri, smart as always with interesting details. Picture supplied by Udo Klinkel.
All pictures supplied by Paul Kooyman, Udo Klinkel and Hartmut Schulz.
Emerson Fittipaldi, who was not amused at all by having to drive a Capri at the Nürburgring. Picture supplied by Udo Klinkel.
The Fittipaldi/Stewart Capri: an early retirement with an overreved engine.
Mass and Glemser had retired even earlier...
... in this way. Glemser escaped with broken ribs.
Fritzinger, spectacular as always, still with the old bodywork. After an accident, it was soon to be replaced with the 1973-style outfit. Tenth overall at the finish.
The works BMW, with the "Batmobile" wings. Here Hezemans (left) and Quester behind the wheel. A fine second after 6 hours.
Chris Amon in the winning car. A victory for him, albeit not in F1...
Take it easy: Muir and Peltier in Muir's own car. A retirement (piston failure).
Jägermeister: after leading for a long time, the radio-controlled car of Lauda and Joisten still finished third after a lenghty pit stop.
Brambilla/Pescarolo alone and in between works cars. They retired after an accident.
An ex-Schnitzer car for Brun/Cocher; no wings yet. An unbelievable 4th overall for Old faithful: Dini/Facetti/Colzanio won division 1!
The sister car of Larini/Zeccoli finished 8th. Krebs/Ertl, Schnitzer 2002, third in class.
Two generations of bodywork on the Zakspeed Escort. They would be a major force in the future - but not yet always in 1973.
Alpina versus GS: two BMW 2002 cars. Left the Alpina car of Gastes and Arendt, right the GS car of Basche and Mohr.
Sensation: the 1600 cc Toyota of Andersson/Kottulinsky was second in class and sixth overall. Götting and Rohr with the unique VW.
NSU #90 of Schinder/Wernbach is following a Reppekus Fiat.
Hessel/Bertrams in the Alfa Romeo 1300 GTAJ. Ranke/Casteel, Abarth 1000 TC.
Hendricks/Wiechert, Sunbeam Imp. Fresh livery: the NSU of Bobach/Hansen, 1000 cc class winners.

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