1973 Eifelrennen Nürburgring

This car was expected to start: Menzel's works BMW.
This one made Ford furious: Hezemans was brought in to help Menzel, though the Dutchman himself was not able to score points (that had to wait until 1976).
This is the car of Weiss, a 1972 body Grab car. It would finish 8th. There's a March F2 transporter in the background.
Eberhard Beck brought this Mini; look at the muddy paddock and imagine the current DTM having entries like these. Happy days!
BMW's plan sort of worked (it upset Heyer, who tried an impossible move on Menzel) but it didn't work at the same time since Menzel and Heyer both retired, while Hezemans cruised on to victory... This private BMW of Willi Weyer finished, but was not classified.
Ridder (Commodore) finished 12th while Richarz' Capri finished 14th.
Beck again - the little Mini retired.

Race result

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