Nürburgring 300 km 1973

A fine memory of the talented Hans-Peter Joisten. He would win the first four races of the championship, including this one, with the heavy BMW 2800CS, but later in the season he would partner Niki Lauda at Spa - only to lose his life at the Belgian circuit.
A pretty Capri, driven by Breitenbach. This Commodore must have seen better days - it really was outdated by now. Nonetheless, Ridder finished 5th overall.
Karl-Ludwig Weiss had a disappointing season in the Grab Capri. Again, he was beaten by Joisten here. An Odenthal-Capri for Broschek.
Horst Bonefeld finished fourth overall and won his class. A Käfer isn't meant for racing really. Götting finished 9th in class.
More suited is this 1600 cc Koepchen BMW... Ringshausen got into fuel feed troubles in his Zakspeed TC.
All pictures kindly supplied by Paul Kooyman.
Another TC was driven by Schiffer.

Race result

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