Nürburgring 300 km 1973

Big Red Corvette - with Harry Thompson at the wheel. A Pantera: Luigi Colzani, retired.
John Fitzpatrick in spectacular style in the brand new Kremer Carrera. A non-finisher unfortunately.
Not all Porsches were Carreras yet. Here Köningsdorf. And another 911S, but it has a very Carrera-like front. Simonsen, third overall.
Schickentanz in another Kremer Carrera. #140 is the 911 of Klauke, just visible is Peter Bernhard.
A VW-Porsche, here Engel. A 2-liter 911, Dieter Franke. Car looks quite professional!
Another 914/6, this one with a little damage. Christmann, a fine 6th overall and class winner. The Alpine of Reinecke.
A unique entry was the Filipinetti Fiat X 1/9 of Walter Dona - it was their last race before the sudden death of Mr. Filipinetti. The 911T of Franz Josef Rieder on his way to 12th overall and 6th in class.

Race result

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