Heropeningsraces Zandvoort 1973

This must be the Group 1 starting grid of the Heropeningsraces, according to the starting positions. In the middle of row 1 Rien Frankenhout, Hettinga (BMW) next to him - pole sitter Coronel is not visible here. On row 2 we can see van der Pol's Alfa. Coronel (Alfa GTV) leading a lapped Giulia (Bosman perhaps?) while in the background Rien Frankenhout drives the Commodore to second behind the Alfa. Further back may be the BMW 2002 of Hettinga.
A move which is a bit puzzling; while Akersloot (Escort RS) beat Chiotakis (Capri) in 1972, Akersloot took over the Capri and raced it with a '73 body package. Still, he would beat Chiotakis (now in a Porsche Carrera RSR) for the title, though Chiotakis won this particular race.

According to Liane on facebook, she can't remember losing a wheel at the new track; it might have happened in practice.

Race result

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