Coupes de Spa 1973

The future of Spa: Group 1 cars at the start.
Over to "Group 1B": this is the Fiat 128 Rallye of Leclerq.
Sonveau in Nissan/Datsun 2000 GT.
And here is Werner in the Datsun/Nissan.
Last Group 1B car of today: Stalpaert's Commodore.
Witvrouw raced his 1300 Escort to second in class.
Here he leads a group of 2 BMWs.
Neri Jr and Senior and Engels in the sandwich.
Neri in the coupé, which looks unusual wide.
Wrong direction?
The battle of the race: Lauda versus Mass.
The Capri would lose a wheel.

Muis retired his Alpina car.

Race result

1973 Pictures