Spa 24 hours 1972

The Autodelta entry for 1972: no more GTAm's but group 1 GTV's this time. The Schnitzer BMW coupé of the Fierlant/Xhenceval, normally driven by Peltier, was 6th fastest in practice, but a DNF in the race.
A group 2 Commodore for Pilette and Tuerlinckx. And a Dutch group 1 car for Vermeulen/Frankenhout.
A new Alpina BMW for Hezemans. The starting grid from position 24 downwards.
... and this is one row ahead. Wauters/Coemans followed by Bertinchamps/Berger.
A fine view from the Uniroyal tower. The British Camaro of Sanger/Crabtree was an early retirement.
Alpina had a bad Spa, the older #9 car retiring with engine problems. The Sony Escort of Akersloot ran out of fuel and had to retire.
The Schnitzer BMW coupé retired with broken engine bearings.
Colzani/Venturi, DNF.
Brun and Kretschi retired this Swiss Mazda rotary.
Pizzinato/Welchenbach finished 22nd.
Fontaine and Fortescue-Thomas retired with a blown head gasket.
Hezemans, Kelleners and Furtmayr would retire mid-race with a blown head gasket. But the Dutchman would be back in 1973 - winning.
Last but not least in 30th position: Wisskirchen/Cordes, NSU 29th: Searle/Saunders in the Escort 1300 GT.
27th: Coffey/Worswick, Escort TC. 26th: Matthews and Menzel in the works Escort RS.
Vetsch/Mattli finished 25th in the rotary Mazda. Too quick for the camera: the Audi 100 S coupé of Sourd and Evrard, 24th.
Facetti/Truci finished second in class and 23rd overall.
20th: Nissan 2000 GT, Miroux/Janssen.

19th: Lierneux and Dezy in the Alfa Romeo GTV.
18th: Wauters and Coemans in the Commodore coupé.
Stalpaert/Dubos: 17th with a battered car.
Hinse/Mayer: 16th. Beckers/Sola: 15th.
Yet another of the group 1 Alfa Romeo GTV's: Imbert/Serpaggi came in 14th. 13th at the finish: Group 1 BMW  for de St. Hubert and Simonis.
The Frami Capri had a troubled run and finished 11th. Tenth: Andruet/Ragnotti, Autodelta Alfa Romeo GTV.
Seventh: the Group 1 BMW of Peter Hanson and Jeremy Walton. Fifth: Gaye/Braillard in the Luigi car.

Fourth: Schnitzer BMW, Fitzpatrick/Peltier/Ethuin.
The #1 Capri came in third. The #3 Capri finished second.
  The proud winner: the #2 Capri of Mass and Stuck.

Race result

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