Spa 24 hours 1969

The mighty Camaro of Tuerlinckx/Grauls: pole position, but an early retirement as usual.
Sensation: the return of Mercedes in the arena. Unfortunately, it lasted only during practice - we had to wait many more years before Mercedes went back to the sport as a works team. Opel did better, but only in group 1; this "group 5" car of Byttebier/Pedro was a DNF however.
The Porsche of Rey/Meier. The Chevron Escort TC of Fontaine/Fitzpatrick. They would finish second in class.
The works BMW for Basche and Quester. Kremer and Gall shared this Porsche.
The Escort TC of Ortmans and Lubin. A 1300 Alfa for Jacquemin/Cornet.
Bardet/Vloebergs shared this Cooper. The start!
The BMW 2002's of Quester/Basche, and "Alix"/Brunninghausen. Picture supplied by Ralph Krüger. Mixed feelings for Mazda: this car finished 5th, but "Elde" lost his life in a sister car.
The Escort TC of Fontaine and Fitzpatrick, on their way to  11th overall.
This mildly-tuned Group 5 BMW 2800 CS finished ninth overall; where Mercedes failed they did better. And results would only improve over the next few years...

The winner: the Porsche of Chasseuil/Ballot-Léna.  

Race result

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