Kent 300 1967

I suppose this is shortly after the start of the race. An immaculate Camaro - what a lovely car that was.
An Alfa Giulia TI leading a bunch of American cars. But it may be lapped, of course. A Mercury with Tatum/Pendleton.
Parnelli Jones (Mercury) on the outside of a Mustang, probably Bucknum. Johnson/Fisher in the "other" Penske Camaro...
... leading Moffat. Egan's bruised Mustang.
I suppose this is Dudley in yet another Camaro.
Chamberlain/Pillar in a Mustang. Leckow with a Spin...
... which looks like ending in tears... ... but everybody misses him.
Wright/Eyerly in another Porsche 911. Gurney in the Mercury...
... passing the Porsche. Wes Dawn's Anglia ran out of road.

Race result

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