Kanonloppet Karlskoga 1964

This must be right after the start; Whitmore leading in the Alan Mann Cortina, with a bunch of Cortinas behind him.
A telling picture in more than one way. It's the little BMW of Åke Persson on the inside of the huge Mercedes of either Böhringer or Waxenberger. BMW would become a major force in touriongcarracing ever since; while Mercedes was already fading, only to rise again at the end of the 80's.
Karlsson and Rothstein on the inside of Alan Mann himself.
Now it's Lindberg on the inside of the Galaxie.
The Jonsson-incident: the Fiat 2300 coupé quits in the middle of the track.
Driver gets out, but the car doesn't mpve easily.
Some hairy situations...
... and a spin of Vernaeve.
Whitmore avoids trouble...
... but team boss Alan Mann pushes Karlsson into the Fiat.
A lot of damage for both.
The Saab manages to get going - but not for long.

Karlsson would retire, Ursula Wirth drives on.

Race result

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