Zandvoort NAV Sportwagenraces 1961

Autoraces op Zandvoort Autoraces op Zandvoort
Tonio Hildebrand (Morris 850) leading David van Lennep.
An entertaining VW battle: Tegelaar in the lead, followed by anther Beetle and van Lennep in the cabrio.
Autoraces op Zandvoort Autoraces op Zandvoort. Kallaga, Heidendahl, Olthuis, Blijdenstein, Swart
The same beetles on the straight. "Kallaga" leading Heidendahl (Peugeot 404), Visser (Peugeot 203), Leppink (Renault), Swart (Nardi) and Blydenstein, who would win the race.
Pictures from "Nationaal Archief", click to zoom.

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