Ten Classic Cars

It is always difficult to choose a given number of cars to tell a little bit more about. I've decided on 10; that means I left out some obvious and succesful cars. I decided that a car must have been champion (either driver or car) at least once, have a career of more than one season, and dominant - but not by lack of opposition. So no Jaguar Mk2 (the first champion, but overshadowed from 1963 on); no Ford Lotus Cortina (an outstanding champion but a relatively short career - and when opposition finally arrived the Cortina wasn't up to the challenge); no Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV (champion, dominant - but no opposition to speak of); no Volvo 242 turbo (one-season wonder); no Rover 3500 (no championship, although it came very close); and no Toyota Corolla (again lack of opposition, and though no fault of its own, neither an interesting car nor an interesting career). But, of course, this is a personal viewpoint.

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Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA/GTAm
BMC Mini Cooper
BMW 635 CSi
Ford Escort Mk 1
Ford Sierra
Jaguar XJ-S


Frank de Jong
Amsterdam, the Netherlands