About this site


Abbreviations and codes

I use a few internationally accepted abbreviations:
Did not finish
NC Not classified
NRF Not Running at the Finish
Did not start
Did not qualify
DNA Did Nor Appear

Drivers mentioned between brackets (Frank de Jong) did not drive in the race though they were listed to do so. If a car retires early in a long-distance race, I do not use this method, though the second driver has not driven at all. The site reflect the actual driver pairings as intended for the race. It is not always easy to distinguish between the two.

Chassis numbers

Apart from the fact that it is nearly impossible to get decent information on individual cars, it really does not interest me though the individual history of a car may be worthwhile. Since I'm not involved (and not really interested) in historic racing there is no such infromation on the site - with the benefit that I don't get caught in discussions about the value of a particular car!

Class designations

The use of "Division 1" and "2" as well as the British system (A-D) had changed over the years; the DRM used Division 1 as the biggest class, while in the 1976 ETCC Division 1 was the smallest class. In Britain, D started out als the biggest class, but in later years that was changed into A as the biggest.

The use of the "divisions" on my site is taken from contemporary sources; but for the BSCC/BTCC I stick to A being the smallest and D the biggest class - since it was not formally pointed out in the programs of the day anyway.

Championships covered

The Championships on this site are not chosen as such - it depends on availability of the results only. So if you wonder why you don't find Spanish, Cyprian or Icelandic championships - I don't have the information, otherwise it would be covered. At the time of writing, up to and including 1985 most I have is on the site, apart from Bathurst. There's an awful lot of information after 1985 waiting to be processed...


To stay out of copyright issues, I try to use only "amateur" pictures whenever possible. Apart from the copyright aspect, it gives a better and "less-frontrow" sight of the races. The copyright of the pictures, apart from my own, remains with the original photographers or owners. Please respect the copyright of the site in general. If you use information for an article or book, feel free to cite; but please tell your audience where you found it. I'm most interested in your articles and books, so don't hesitate to forward them...


I take utmost precaution to use the right name and nationality for each driver. Since the number of drivers is over to 13,000 mistakes are inavoidable. A question mark indicates thar there are doubts. Either the surname is right (or I found something similar in the source document, miss-spelled maybe) or I am not sure that the driver did start the race.


Whenever possible I use the Entrants as used on the entry lists; but I have taken the liberty to streamline and clear sometimes to improve research, or adding a teamname to the list of sponsors like the Bastos Texaco Rovers. When a car is entered in the drivers' name, I leave that one out apart when it is a multi-car team or if the car is driven by someone else (on occasion, for instance). If the driver concerned often raced for other teams, I might add his name as entrant even when it does not follow the rule listed above to indicate he raced his own car.


I'm Dutch, and English is not my native language. I suppose my English has improved over the years, but you may find pieces of text which may look a bit silly in British eyes. I'm sorry for that but there's not much I can do about that. And imagine how difficult it is to write a race report in English from a German source, being Dutch...
I can compensate my language deficit a little since I'm able to read German with ease - and with a little help from a dictionary French is possible as well. Worse still, I've analysed some texts in Danish as well...
If you feel that I often make the same error, please let me know - so I can improve.


This site is compiled from many, many sources, including magazines, books, official documents, first-hand information from drivers, documents prepared by fellow enthusiasts as well as personal witnessing a few of the races.


With such a huge amount of sources and data, it is obvious that this site contains errors. In fact I'm sure there are many of them - but I don't know where...
Since most data is cross-checked whenever possible and many of the races have been researched from more than one source, I suspect most of the errors are small - besides that, my fans (if I may call them so) have been pointing out mistakes so I had the chance to improve the reliability. In general, I am sure the site gives an accurate report on touring car racing.


I don't care at all for titles; I'm a graded engineer but don't use the title - so do the drivers on my site. So no Dr. Marko, Sir Jackie Stewart, Prinz Ferfried von Hohenzollern or Jonkheer Gijs van Lennep, for me it's just Helmut, Jackie, Ferfried and Gijs. You may like it or not, but I'm the boss in here...

Frank de Jong