Group 1B

Back to basics

In 1976, a new format Group 2 championship had a disappointing start. After running the Spa race only once in the new format, Belgium turned its back to Group 2 and started yet again an unofficial formula. In line with Britain, who had turned to Group 1 as early as 1974 and never returned to group 2, the Belgians, besides a limited national Group 5 championship, fully adopted to "Improved group 1", "Group 1B" or whatever you want to call it. We stick to Group 1B. This formula was used in Britain, the Netherlands, Germany and France as well. Even a small European Challenge was introduced (Trophee Trans Europe), even with sponsorship of Diners Club. The championship in itself was no great succes, only a few foreign entrants competing in what was not more than a national long-distance race. Apart from Spa, that is. Though the Trophee died soon, the national championships and Spa boomed. Apart from the allowance of homologated special equipment like carburettors, group 1B proved to be the future: Group A wasn't going to be that different...