1984-1985 Deutsche Produktionswagen Meisterschaft

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With the demise of the Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft, a new top-series for Touring Cars was called for in Germany. And after an impressive demonstration of the French Supertourisme championship at the German GP in 1983, it was decided to follow those steps; Group A cars combined with weight and tire width penalties. At the same time, the cars were not allowed to make more that 100 dB noise - which took away some of its popularity.

DPM 1984 (in brackets new weights before Avus)

Group A under
1600 cc
2000 cc
2500 cc
3000 cc
4000 cc
over 4000 cc
Minimum weight (Kg)
750 (730)
880 (850)
960 (960)
1165 (1065)
1365 (1365)
1425 (1425)
Maximum tire width (Inch)

Additional weight for 3- or 4 valve engines: 70 kg.
The ONS could penalize a too dominant car with extra weight up to 120 kg and/or limit the tire width. An uncompetitive car could have its weight further reduced and/or use wider tires.


Frank de Jong
Amsterdam, the Netherlands