Campionato Italiano di Turismo Gr. 2
Campionato Italiano Velocità Turismo
Campionato Italiano Superturismo

The championship started in 1987, for Group A cars (3 divisions, 1600, 2500 and over 2500 cc) with a national Group N Trophy contested in one final. 1988 saw a change: all races were open for all Group A and Group N classes, with 3 long-distance races. There was one overall champion.

In 1990, the Italian championship was renamed into the "Superturismo" championship, with three classes:
A1, DTM-style Group A derived cars
A2, Privateer 1987 Group A cars with 17 inch wheels; no Evolution cars allowed with a date after 1/3/1987 (which includes the Alfa Romeo 75 Turbo Evoluzione but excludes the Ford Sierra RS 500...)
A3, 1986 Group A cars with a separate championship; in fact there were only two combined races in 1990.
1991 and 1992 saw a "Superturismo" championship with S1 (DTM style) and S2 (Fia class II style) races, but the CIVT included championships for four Group A classes and 7 Group N classes; in 1993 FIA class 2 was the Italian top level championship with Group A and N still part of the programme.

Campionato Italiano (Super) Turismo

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