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On Returning - 1993 index

In most years, it was easy to distinguish the "king's" class of Dutch touring car racing; but in this year both the 2000 cc class and the over-2000 class were interesting, with the votes going to the big cars as far as I'm concerned.

FRAMI Produktiewagens under 1400 cc
The Rovers were coming good now, but the constant rule changes for both Rover and Suzuki (weight, wheel size) made it difficult to follow. In the end, it was van de Haterd with his Rover coming out on top, with Top (pun intended) second in the final standings.

FRAMI Produktiewagens under 2000 cc
BMW still was the prime force here though the Rijnhaave team disappeared. Nissan made a 3-car effort with John Bosch, the rallye driver, the strongest bet - the others were mostly having technical problems. Ciapponi, stepping up from the 1400 class had a fine season in the little Alfa 33 but the championship went to the importer BMW team with Euser beating Patrick Huisman in the end.

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Peter Kox, returning from his single seater adventures, had a turbulent start of the season; he missed round 1, stepped for round 2 in a Carly BMW 325i E36, crashed it but took the restart in a spare car. He won four races after that, all in a new E36 M3 but both Langeberg and van Vliet in their Lotusses were a constant threat. Other notable drivers but with less fortune were van Dedem with a new Evo 2 Mercedes, fourth in the final standings with one win and the importer Alfa Romeo team with a trio of 155 Q4s. Neither of them achieved anything to figure in the points tally. In the end, van Vliet dropped out of contention when his mid-season results were mediocre, leaving the title fight between Langeberg and Kox. They both ended with 105 points (in case the first race couldn’t be used as a dropped score for Kox since he was “not entered” back then) but instead of a green table decision even with three dropped scores Kox won the title thanks to his four wins against two for Langeberg.

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