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Ruby Red - 1993 index

With BMW, Audi and Opel (for the time being) it looked like Alfa Romeo was the only contestant in the 1993 DTM, since Mercedes wasn’t sure either. However, they entered but it was too late to develop the new C-class model so the only thing possible was to upgrade the 190E to Class 1 specs and hope for the best. They managed to get three cars ready for Zolder. On the other hand, Alfa Romeo had gathered a lot of experience with the GTA in 1992, and they were ready for Zolder with four cars, piloted by Larini, Nannini, Francia and Danner.
The rest of the grid was less competitive, with many private BMW M3s (1992 spec), an Omega (in 3.8 liter version to get it more competitive) and the Mustangs. A single E36 BMW (by Linder, still a privateer team)  was a brave try but didn’t deliver. A bad idea was to introduce a cup for Class 2 cars; many races would have only a single entrant, at the Norisring none of them qualified for the race.
The season was good for Larini and Alfa, he won the championship with ease but impressed everybody by a fantastic display on the old Nürburgring.
Apart from that, the quality of the field was disappointing with people in the top-10 sometimes which wouldn’t have had a chance in 1992; and another thing that surprised was that the laptimes were hardly faster than in 1992.
The arrival of two Opel Calibras at the last race brought some hope for the next year.

The races:

Bergischer Löwe
Hockenheim Eifelrennen
Wunstorf Nürburgring
Norisring Donington
Diepholz Singen   Avus   Hockenheim

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