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Big Shot - 1992 index

Last year, the +2000 class was nearly dead; this year, on occasions it provided the biggest field of the Group N races, where each class had its own race now. The 1400 cc cars had races of 15 laps, and 1 combined long-distance event, while the other classes had 20 lap races, one long distance event and one double header, DTM style.

1400 cc
It was still Suzuki territory, though the new Peugeot 106 of Kreijne was quick and the Rover 114 GTi won a race at the end of the season in the hands of the versatile Euser. Still, the top-3 in the championship were Suzuki runners Top, Amée de Jong and Tappel.

2000 cc
Still the main class of the championship, but it had seen better times. The main contenders were two BMW teams (Rijnhaave with two Coronel brothers and the importer team with van Splunteren and Reinders), Nissan with Krab and Caron and Alfa Romeo with Kalff and Meylink in the 33 16V. Nissan started well but were penalised perhaps too much, Kalff was absent a few times so BMW could repeat their 1991 success now with young Tommy Coronel, fresh from the AX cup. Kalff still managed second in the standings.

over 2000 cc
The field lost its Mazda, van der Beek concentrating on his car preparation business for Nissan, Lotus joined with cars prepared by Peter van Erp and Carly motors entered up to four BMW 325i E36 coupés for van Vliet, van Krimpen, Santisi and Salmenoutio from Finland, while van Dedem brought his faithful Mercedes again. After braking problems were solved, Langeberg (Lotus) was the class of the field though the BMWs progressed towards the end of the season - but it was too late to get the title.

The races:

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Races 17/5

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Races 28/6
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