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Twist and Shout - 1992 index

The 1992 season was the last under the same regulations as more or less started in 1986; Group A based but with more freedom in the engine department. There would be no more new Evolution series, so the cars stayed the same though most were new and, like before, testing never stopped. We lost Opel, who concentrated on 1993 and the Calibra, although they withdrew and later revised this decision. Audi did enter, but stepped out halfway the season: their “twisted” crankshaft was finally declared illegal and after two championships this was hard to swallow for Audi so they decided to quit - and skip the 1993 championship too. What was left was BMW and Mercedes, and thanks to the continuous development of the “Evo 2” Mercedes dominated the championship and crowned Ludwig the champion. The new Fina BMW team around Cecotto was highest placed BMW in fourth position while Schnitzer had a terrible season for once.
1993 would see a DTM with only Mercedes (since BMW would quit as well) and, thankfully, Alfa Romeo. Would it be any good?

The races:

Bergischer Löwe
Wunstorf   Avus    Hockenheim Nürburgring
Norisring    Brno  
Diepholz Singen Nürburgring

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