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The same rules of 1991 were applied, but a new car made its debut at Monza: the turbocharged Alfa Romeo 155 GTA, for which the rules were bent just a little to give the cars an edge over the German competition. Sure enough, Alfa Romeo dominated the championship even after some penalties had been imposed. Since Alfa Romeo withdrew at the end of the year to go DTM, the class would collapse and the sensible thing to do was to use the FIA class 2 cars for the 1993 championship only. That said, this years champion was Fabrizio Giovanardi with his importer-backed Peugeot 405 MI 16, backed up by Britain Gary Ayles. Fabrizio won 11 out of 20 races but to be honest the competition was not too intense, mainly Opels entered by private teams.
Group A (4 classes) and N (7 classes) were present at each race meeting too, with championships for Naddeo (Alfa Romeo 33 permanent 4) and Tamara Vidali (Alfa Romeo 33 QV 1.7), so only S2 had no Alfa on top.
Good thing that Alfa Romeo was developing a Super Tourer for next year...

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Campionato Italiano Superturismo