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Shout To The Top - 1991 index

As expected, the top class nearly collapsed; thin fields for this separate race, no importer support and expensive cars. The only new car should have been Hemmes' Skyline, but this did not materialise, either because of technical problems, or money like some said. What remained were a Mazda, three Mercedes and three M3’s and a few Sierras. Champion became the under-financed but enthusiastic Hans van der Beek and his Mazda.
The 2000 cc was the unofficial King of Dutch motorsport; packed fields, still shared with the 1300 cars, many importer cars (from Alfa Romeo, BMW and Nissan), wealthy privateer teams (Rijnhaave the obvious example) and private entries with both talent and good cars, like Bolderheij, van Reenen and Caron. The brand new BMW 320i E36 with last years’ champion van Splunteren and young talent Patrick Huisman was the dominant team, taking four victories - and a lot of weight penalties. Still, intelligent driving by Huisman brought him the title after some bad results by Kalff (Alfa Romeo), who finished second in the standings. The 1300 class was a near-carbon copy of last year; five of the first six in the championship were the same names as last year - in the same spot, only Tappel being a new number four. That means that 1990 champion Ciapponi was champion in 1991 again.

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