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The 1991 season was the first I completely viewed on video - and I must say it was one of the best championships ever, with spectacular racing but not too many incidents - unlike later seasons. The championship was for 2-liter cars only now, though a restricted Sierra could still take part, but few did. Teams with a “works” status were Ford (Trakstar for Gravett, non-turbo Sierra 4-doors), BMW (Prodrive with 2 cars, Vic Lee with 4), Toyota (Rouse prepared, 2 cars), Vauxhall (2-3 cars), Nissan (1-2 Janspeed cars) and Mitsubishi (single car for Hales). The rest of the field were privateers, top men amongst them Sytner (M3) and Middlehurst (non-turbo Sierra 3 doors). Right from the start Hoy in a Vic Lee car took the championship lead and despite a few mishaps Cleland and his Vauxhall could not close the gap. Hoy got the title, Cleland was second and Rouse third - a fine achievement with a new car, while the M3 and the Cavalier were used last season as well. New were two double-header rounds, like the DTM. All in all, a classic season with more cars to come in 1992.

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