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1990 index

Increased involvement of the importers brought a quality field but predictable arguments too. While the driving standards with few exceptions were a little better than 1989, there were endless technical issues concerning the Hezemans Porsche and the 1990 version of the BMW M3. BMW missed one race because of this, but the Barron team got things right and won the championship with the versatile Euser and Yokohama tires. Mercedes were more or less stuck with the development of the car; it just wasn’t good enough even with works driver Kreutzpointner behind the wheel. Mazda and Porsche won races too, while the Ford 4x4 of van Krimpen was luckless.
The 2000 cc class was dominated by Alfa Romeo, the importers’ biggest enemy being the 1989 Alfa Romeo of van Reenen, though Opel and Peugeot were competitive as well. The 1300 class went to another importer team: Suzuki, who took the overall manufacturer title as well as the driver title with Ciapponi.
A bombshell a few weeks after the final: BMW decided to enter the 2000 cc class next year - and the Mercedes importer team withdrew altogether.

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