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Only The Lonely - 1990 index

Four works teams for BMW, with up to three cars each; four works duos from Mercedes; two new Omegas for Opel; and a single Audi for Hans Stuck; it would seem that the odds were against the lanky German.
Mercedes would have a terrible season, marked by bad luck and problems with the handicap weight both for last years’ car and the new winged Evo 2. The Omega had an even more miserable season, though it showed promise at the last race of the season. And BMW? Only Schnitzer and Bigazzi showed consistent form, though Bigazzi seemed to slip away at the end of the year. At Schnitzer, Giroix, title candidate number 1, wasn’t always competitive and the team leader soon became Cecotto who was in contention right until the end of the season; but when he was taken out at the last race by Michael Schumacher, perfect team tactics from Audi who had entered more cars for the last few races secured Stuck the championship.
After the championship hunt there was time for an excursion to South Africa.

The races:

Bergischer Löwe
  Avus    Mainz-Finthen Wunstorf Nürburgring Norisring Diepholz Nürburgring
Hockenheim Kyalami (nc)

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