Quick Castrol-Belgian Procar 90

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Belgium jumped ahead and changed the Group N championship in a mini-DTM; a weight scale and power to weight ratio were used to get a base weight for the vehicles, with included N-GTs, evolution versions and even a car called Hartge H1, which was a BMW M3 with some nice bits. It took a while before the weight of the cars was satisfactory, with predictable superiority for BMW or Porsche, dependent of the weight on a particular day on a particular circuit. Of course, there were lots of discussions, and the division 2 cars had to start in the same race to fill the field - they were not happy about that. On the other side, publicity was vastly improved, audience numbers grew and the races were often exciting.
Professional teams included Audi (Dubois, with Belga backing), RAS Sport with Porsches, Waterloo Motors with a Hartge M3 for Martin and Slaus, who had to build his own M3 in record time from a Bigazzi shell - and surprised all with a great start of the season. Unfortunately, luck ran out in the second half and Verellen’s Audi became the main rival for Martin, though the RAS Porsche of Nève and Van Dalen (drives could be shared) was always a force to be reckoned with. In the end, it was Martin like so many seasons in the past who came out on top; experience and a good car helped him to the championship.

The races:

Zolder New Race Festival Spa Ardennes
Zolder Truck SP
Zolder RACB

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Belgian Procar Championship