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There's Too Many Irons In The Fire - 1989 index

If you look back at the 1989, you wonder where there were so many Sierras. In fact. sometimes they couldn’t all qualify, since the other classes had to have a go as well. Soon it became clear that a Sierra was not what you had to have if you want to go for the championship, and even points where in short supply. Rouse fielded four cars, all regular front runners, the new Trakstar outfit with Australian-built Sierras where two others, and when the Goode Sierras (three of them) had a good day the top-9 was decided. So hardly room for the JQF team (which folded at the end of the season), nor Brooklyn, Terry Drury Racing (three cars), Asquith, Arquati and all the others - while Brodie made a fool of himself to use illegal fuel for some firework. The champion would come from another class: while class D was inconsistent and had a new frontrunner with the Honda from midseason, both class B and C were vacant; the Prodrive team had hardly any opposition from the other BMW runners, while Vauxhall had no problem dealing with the Volkswagens. So the championship was decided by a single point for Cleland over Weaver; while Andy Rouse won class A.

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