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Group N
We lost a few Sierras, but the races were entertaining as before. Newcomer van Krimpen ran away with the title and if Breijer would not have been disqualified at the first race he would perhaps have been the main opponent, but now Breijer turned to rallying instead. Hemmes was emotional as always, and poor performances at the start of the season cost her dear in the end. Annother relative newcomer, Klaas Visser, stromed to the title in division 2 with his BMW 325, the other titles went to Fauchey (rather hollow, only two Renaults stayed in Group N after the R5 cup returned to Zandvoort in 1988) and Bolderheij.

Group A
This time, van Dedem had more opposition than 1987. Not in his class (the only one who came close was the talented John Bos in his Rallye M3!) but the Sierra of Hin, an ex-Rouse car as far as I know slowly got his act together was beat van Dedem from mid-season. There was another Sierra, the 1987 Bolderheij car now mostly driven by partner Bouwman, but driver and car were not good enough. There were some more fresh cars, which would have been sensational in 1984 but the arrival of a BMW 635, a Mustang and a newer Camaro was too little and too late - Group A was doomed in Holland.
Apart from van Dedem and Hin, the two other champions were Welther (Peugeot 205) and de Jong (Suzuki). 

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Nederlands Toerwagen Kampioenschap