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Finally, the BTCC was back on track. A huge number of Sierra Cosworths, Rouse doing a full British season unlike 1987, and he built many more cars, some for the home market, some went overseas. One brave Holden was supposed to stand up against this violence, but the right version was homologated much too late. Class B brought more good news, two semiworks Prodrive BMW M3's and two private cars of which one was piloted by works driver Ratzenberger sometimes. We best remain silent on class C with a handful of Golfs, sometimes beaten by the Corollas of class D which were the more professional outfits. In fact, the TOM's front wheel drive Corolla in the hands of Dowsett nearly won the championship winning 11 times but sometimes not getting full points for a poorly supported class. Sytner, the champion, won 11 times as well but had more friends to play with - literally, since he entered up to three cars. Andy Rouse finished third in the fastest Sierra, but who can blame him since he built it himself. Oppostion came from Mahony and the Eggenberger team, who entered a few races; no love lost since Rouse beat them at the Silverstone ETCC race. Robb Gravett took over the second Rouse car, learned the trade and would be back next year with an Australian Sierra. We already mentioned the Holden, but Toyota tried class A too; Hodgetts and a string of other drivers tried, but unlike in Japan the car wasn't competitive over here.

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