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Group N
Despite five new Sierras, a BMW M3 and a number of new smaller cars, the season will be remembered by disqualifications and on-track bad manners. Hemmes was an unexpected champion with her Sierra, just like Bodt in his Renault. Eglem and Vörös with their BMW 325's disputed the 3000 cc class with a disqualification as decider and Eglem as champion, while even in the smallest class the leading car, Oeberius Kapteyn's Suzuki was thrown out of the table.

The Group A field had an unexpected quality injection; van Dedem got a new M3, Bolderheij built a Sierra with Rouse parts, Hin came with a Serge Power prepared Holden and Haane ended the season with a Luigi-Alfa Romeo 75 Turbo. Unfortunately, only van Dedem was well prepared right from the start, the other cars came either late or missed the first races for other reasons. Hin, van Dedem, Welther (new Peugeot 205 GTI) and de Jong (old Talbot R3) were the champions.

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Nederlands Toerwagen Kampioenschap