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Right Man, Wrong Man - 1987 index

The 1987 season was not one of "heavy" discussions or disqualifications. But there were new cars and larger fields; slowly but surely it bacame Germany's prime championship, though not all the stars took part; we still had to wait for Ludwig, Hahne or Stuck to tackle a whole season.
BMW had another "Junior Team", after a shootout between iup and coming young drivers, Van de Poele and Hessel were chosen; they raced the new BMW M3 for the Zakspeed team, a surprise after all those Ford years. Many other BMW teams used the M3 as well, but Ford stuck to the Sierra XR4; the Cosworth would be too heavy, though at the end of the season the Cossies were more than able to challenge for the lead. The season had a little Ford domination, but if they loaded ballast there tires were the weak spot, so all in all Ford and BMW were matched. Not so for Mercedes; the cars were too slow, just like the brave Alfa Romeo 75 Turbo of Thiim. Like before, the points system favored consistancy rather than outright wins, and so again we had a champion with no race wins at all: Eric Van de Poele from Belgium, after a tumultuous last race. And in the final of the season, a double-header non-championship with '88 rules, young Van de Poele won overall; but alas, the two heats were won by someone else...

The races:

Bergischer Löwe

Mainz-Finthen Norisring Nürburgring
GP der TW

Wunstorf Diepholz Salzburg Hockenheim

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