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It's The New Thing - 1986 index

How about that: a new Touring car class added, and it didn't yet kill Group A.
Just like Belgium, a Group N class was added and while it didn't attrack a very large field it wasn't too bad really. The only problem was the mandatory use of street tires; preparation was expensive and for the last race even special tires were flown in from the states - slicks would have been way cheaper in the end.
But apart from that the field had some interesting cars; the 3000 turbo class had two cars, an Escort RS Turbo which was just as unlucky as you can expect when a car is driven by Koks (no offence - but appalling luck has been his companion these last years, with the exception of 1985), and a Mitsubishi Starion which became champion with Hugenholtz but failed to win a race overall. The overall wins came from the 3000 atmo class, where Ruitenbeek (BMW 325i) and Hin (Mercedes 190 16 valve) had a fight througout the year. Ruitenbeek got this title, while Stan, despite mising the first race, won the 2000 turbo class which was full of Renault 5 GT Turbos - thanks to the Dutch importer. The last title (2000 atmo) went to Burger. For 1987, there were talks for an extra class for the Sierra Cosworth and the BMW M3 - they would wipe out the existing cars. All in all, a nice start for this new class.

The Group A field, compared to 1985, brought a second Corolla 16 valve car while van Dedem's BMW was uprated to 325 specification. Van der Beek's Mazda 929 should now be raceworthy, but a bit of bad luck and missing speed left the 2500 cc class title, the most interesting one since all races were won overall by cars from this class to van Dedem and BMW. The rest of the class were older cars really, though Hin hired a full Group A Mercedes for the last race, which he duly won.
The over-2500 class was a sad affair, though Coronel's title in the Monza was well deserved, but all the Camaros were gone, just like the Jaguar of Fresco. And it is best to remain silent on the 1300 class - a small group of Talbots with Meijers winning the title while the 1600 cc class was a cracker: both van den Raadt and van de Berg had 90 points at the end of the season, with an equal amount of wins, seconds and thirds. So the last race decided the title: van den Raadt won the title.

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Nederlands Toerwagen Kampioenschap