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Sad Affair - 1986 index

The contemporary press (in this case Motoring News) was surprisingly kind to a sponsorless championship in great difficulties. I beg to differ. Pathetic entries, yet another champion from the smallest class with hardly any opposition. Andy Rouse in the biggest class really had no opposition as well. He built a new car, sold the old one down under, and only a string of bad luck could keep him from the fourth championship in a row. The most promising 1985 car, the Mitsubishi, was missing. What was left were a handful of private Rovers (what a TWR example could do was shown at the British GP only) and the BMW of Mike Newman; despite of enthusiastic stories of Schnitzer parts, the outcome was minimal. Class B was a bit better, three Escort turbos fighting two Alfa 75's (from race two), but the Italian cars were not up to the challenge. Class C had a well-prepared Corolla of Hodgetts with opposition from a few Fords, which were entered, or just missed a few races. Class D (1300 cc) was a farce, with 10 points up for grabs for anyone with a suitable 1300 cc car. In the end, few turned up in only a handful of races - imagine a champion from these ranks.
There were two races with a better entry. The first one ws the British GP entry, where Group A cars from all over the country (and a few prodsaloons) turned up. The other one was also at Brands Hatch, where nine racing school Escort XR3i's were entered raced by their instructors - enough said, I suppose...

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