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Every Little Bit - 1985 index

Unlike 1984, there were a few signs that the Group A field recovered, though it would never reach the former glory of Super Tourism. The 1300 cc class stayed its misarable self, Talbots all over the place - not a Samba, Fiesta or Polo in sight. Fontijn was crowned again. The 1600 cc class had a new car, a 16-valve Corolla for Mike van den Raadt who won twice but Koks finally lost his bad luck, won four races and together with a third it was enough for the championship in ford's Escort 1600 RSi.
The next class saw a brand new Linder BMW 323i for van Dedem, a car which should have been dominant but teething troubles made the season more exciting that he would have wanted. In the end, the title was his, with Staal (Manta) second and Roestenburg (Mazda RX7, ex-Hans van der Beek) third. Since the other RX7 was sold to Denmark but was raced at Zandvoort too, the field wasn't bad at all. Finally, Hans van der Beek himself debuted the unique rotary Mazda 929 in the last race; the car would be competitive in 1986, when the FIA rotary factor allowed the car into the 2500 cc class. It looked brilliant and well-prepared for long distance racing.
The biggest class had one brave newcomer: Eddie Fresco built himself a Jaguar XJS, but without parts from TWR it was an impossible task; the car was unreliable and did not score; the championship again was decided amongst the Camaros, Moritz beating Vermeulen: 90 points for both, three victories each but the dropped score of Moritz decided the outcome.
Now in 1986, there was talk of adding Group N; would that hill Group A in the Netherlands?

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Nederlands Toerwagen Kampioenschap