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In 1985, the championship wasn't still where it was supposed to be: thin fields but at least there were some new cars, like the Sierra turbo of Rouse, homologated from April 1 - so he had to give the first race a miss but unexpectedly won the second; apart from a DNF in race three, he finished all others and mostly at the front. A deserved title for the technician with his brand new and untested car. On the other hand, in his class the opposition wasn't great; the Supra of Barry Sheene was just not quick enough, and the Mitsubishi of Brodie lacked reliability, though it was fast. The others were also-rans, apart from Walkinshaw's surprise win with a Rover. In class B, Goode and his Nissan seemed to go for the overall title until they got a disqualification for a small infringement; with many points lost, Goode gave up late in the season. The class B title now went to Kirby after a consistent season. A promising car here was the Escort Turbo of Longman, which won three times. Class C was a fight between the Escorts of Hodgetts and Belcher, with the first one winning and taking second overall.

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