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Nothing Left - 1984 index

It was another disappointing season if you looked at the cars; not much news to speak of, so it was the old bunch of Camaros and van der Beek's Mazda who ran the show. Van der Beek had a lot of trouble to find out how far he could go for the preparation of the RX7; his proposal was rejected, but the one the technical commission handed to him gave lots more room! His car was capable to keep up with the Camaros and even to beat them; no wonder he became champion in the 2500 cc division, with no opposition to speak of, perhaps with the exception of Freek Staal's Manta. Henny Hemmes was champion of the Camaros, her first title. Other campions were Ernst (who had taken over Kroesemeijers' Scirocco) and Welther in the old faithful Talbot Rallye 3.
The races itself were exciting most of the time, especially when some guest cup-Renault 5 Turbos were invited; they were at least as fast as a Camaro but couldn't score any points, being basically a Group B car.
Well, perhaps 1985 would bring us some new cars. A Rover, BMW 635, something like that...

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Nederlands Toerwagen Kampioenschap