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The 1984 season promised to be an improvement over the 1983 season. Four 635 BMWs, a bunch of Rovers, te now competitive Toyota Supra and in the lower classes a Nissan Turbo, a handful of Alfa Romeos and many Ford RS 1600is, with a Volkswagen to add some variety. For the first time in many years, all classes seemed more or less balanced - the new title jolder would have to race to become champion, not just sampling points in an empty class.
The racing was spectacular as ever, but behind the green table matters were worse; just before the outcome of the 1983 season in june, the Austin Rover group backed out, unsatisfied with the way technical inspections were handled.

Because of this, Andy Rouse became the firt driver to grasp two championships in the same year - his 1983 title as an outcome of the legal tussle, and the 1984 championship on the road. Being an independant driver, he did not have to step out, just like some other Rover privateers. Andy won six races and was second on four occasions.
Richard Longman did finish second overall, he was Rouse's main opponent but his opposition was strong too; he won six times as well, but had too many thirds and fourths. Jon Dooley finished third and won class B by a narrow margin; had Goode not been disqualified at the last race the latter would have won the title.

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