Championnat de France de Voitures Production

1983 index

The 1983 championship was a single-class handicap formula, which seemed to work well and even was demonstrated to the Germans at the Hockenheim GP; an inspiration for the future DTM no doubt. Despite its tricky rules, Alfa Romeo held the upper hand with its Alfetta GTV6; Cudini and Snobeck dominated the championship with 8 wins out of 15 races. But Peugeot struck back at the end of the season, the Turbo 505 winning the last race. Malcher (BMW 635) only won a single race, while 1982 champion Metge won two. The "Critérium Production" was the second division of the championship, which was won by Grammatico and his BMW 323 - when possible, I have included those results as well. In a few cases, Critérium drivers were invited into the main race, like Giroix in Hockenheim, but normally the field were separated strictly.

The races:

Albi (crit)

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