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The Netherlands stuck, like the UK and Germany, to Group 1B with the predictable result of very few new cars, in fact there was only one: a new-shape Scirocco GTI for Kroesemeijer. The fields shrunk, and there was a good chance of only a single touring car race in 1983 instead of two. Another sad affair was that the championship was hardly covered in the Dutch magazines of the day, which makes 1982 one of the worst years for me to get a hold on. Still, we had races (albeit two less counting for the championship than 1981!) and champions.

Produktie Toerwagens Group 1B under 1600 cc
The 1300 cc had a new champion in Peter Fontijn, who must have benefitted of problems with Frans Derr, since the latter still was the fastest man - even after all these years. But to finish first, you first have to finish and that was what Fntijn did, winning only a single race but three seconds were enough. The 1600 cc class was dominated by Kroesemeijer in his new car.

Produktie Toerwagens Group 1B over 1600 cc
The 2500 cc class was won by Oeberius Kapteyn, after a tough fight with van der Beek and his Mazda - but the rotary car had a little too much misfortune. The big class was won again by Moritz, three wins, two seconds, while Frankenhout also won three races but his other results were not as good as the Camaro's. Loek Vermeulen had a season of bad luck, though he was very competitive. Cleutjens disappointed, Hemmes couldn't really shine too and that was about it for the big class.

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Nederlands Toerwagen Kampioenschap